Systems Development

Exclr8 strives to work intimately with clients helping them define their systems development needs, through understanding and identifying key values of their service or product. These key values are regarded as business value, these values of the business service become the most crucial to helping the business grow and evolve.

Exclr8 further assists clients in planning their development and releases, dividing the project into manageable sprints and attainable time frames, by employing the methodologies that allow for agile software development. Agile software development has a long and successful history in the software development industry allowing development teams and clients to better collaborate, identifying the core features which will drive the most business value.

At Exclr8 we develop bespoke cloud-based business applications and software enabling organisations to become more strategically agile and innovative. By customizing core business processes for our enterprise clients we enable businesses to:

Increase Business

The ability to process greater volumes of work and increased customer loyalty lead directly to an increase in business, providing in the long term a substantial increase in revenue and turnover.

Reduce Expenditure

By assisting your switch from IT systems that are “On Premise”, we can assist and turn capital expenditure into operational expenses in the “Cloud”.

Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

Businesses are more efficient organisations when they communicate with their clients directly. Using the correct tools and systems, businesses can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, thus servicing their clients faster and with better accuracy and quality.

Workload Throughput

By automating a number of key business processes in an organization, businesses can be quicker and more accurate, leading to an overall increase in output in work completed, taking strain off employees, clients and owners, allowing them to do other important tasks the business requires.

Strategic Flexibility

Allow your business to be strategically flexible by no longer being bound to a fixed location based on your server room and bandwidth availability. With a dedicated bespoke web app, system or tool, hosted in the cloud, businesses can operate globally from the comfort of an armchair. While still allowing the business to quickly respond to needs of business or clients in almost zero downtime.

Rapid Development

With rapid development methodologies in place, Exclr8 can assist in providing solutions that can evolve and change as often or as quickly as the business does.