Our first initiative was at the Enozipho creche in Joe Slovo in conjunction with SALT.

Exclr8 were thoroughly excited to have the opportunity to spend some time at the Joe Slovo Enozipho creche organised for our team by the ladies at SALT. The day started off with 8 of our staff members preparing hot dogs and snacks early in the morning and heading off to the creche on a rainy Friday to play some games with the kids. We had organised Marie biscuit decorating, face painting, pass the parcel and musical chairs for the kids to play during the course of the morning. With our staff trying to keep up with the little ones, it soon become evident what an amazing group of unique and special children the creche has as well as how fantastic the team of ladies are that take such good care of them.

Without a doubt all our staff was humbled by the outing and quickly bonded with the kids and look forward to being able to do this again in the future!

A very big thank-you to Pauline and Janet from SALT for all their assistance as well as everyone at the Enozipho creche for welcoming us in.