Alexander Mehlhorn
Alexander is the CEO of Exclr8. He was born and grew up in Leipzig in former East Germany before moving to South Africa at the age of 18. Alexander studied mathematics and informatics at UNISA and has over 27 years’ experience in programming and architecting software solutions. He is fluent in several development languages and still involves himself with all aspects of coding on a daily basis. Prior to Exclr8 he ran and owned Centacto Consulting, Aeterno 260 and Tritontools.Com. He is also involved in the creativity schools which his parents founded and run in Germany. His love for continuous change and technology resulted in his passion for this industry and he enjoys seeing technology changes resulting in improvements in any business he comes in contact with.
Stephan Pienaar
Stephan is the Chief Operations Officer of Exclr8 as well as one of the most senior developers in the development team. He has over 15 year’s industry experience and is a specialist in the field of business process automation. Stephan has been with Exclr8 since 2009 just a year after the company’s inception in 2008. Stephan’s business knowledge coupled with highly experienced understanding of various development platforms has been a key factor in the successful growth of Exclr8.