Automation: Essential for FMCG company growth

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The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry continues to experience increasingly rapid change, limited resources, greater business risk, and more complexity in every aspect of their business and manufacturing operations.

Global sourcing and distribution, increasingly rapid distribution, and the age of instant information require ever-increasing quality and due diligence, both in terms of processes and products.

Scalability is key: an organisation that is both labour and staff intensive cannot be considered scalable, but one that employs Business Process Automation (BPA) and minimum staff approaches can be. Simply put, being able to scale means a business must have the potential to multiply revenue and expand into new geographies and markets with minimal incremental cost. While this may sound like a theoretical concept, the ability to scale rapidly translates directly into an increase in gross profit for any FMCG company.

To scale effectively, an organisation must be agile and able to adapt to increased demands. Manual processes inhibit an organisation’s ability to scale quickly – if a retailer suddenly needs an increase in product, then the supplier of that product will be required to grow immediately to meet the needs of that retailer. This would normally mean that more staff would need to be employed, trained and upskilled – a time-consuming and lengthy process.

Automating these functions enables organisations to be more strategically agile, innovative and efficient, and enables them to service their clients faster, with better accuracy and quality. It also increases business accuracy (for example, in stock miscalculation, where BPA takes over the process and calculates according to algorithms and formulas, greatly reducing human error).

By automating the key business processes, BPA allows organisations to perform more processes, more accurately, in less time. It also allows an organisation to process greater volumes of work, increasing customer loyalty and directly resulting in greater turnover.

BPA is essential for the FMCG supply chain: it streamlines, optimises and makes it more intuitive. A growing business wanting to reach the next level will not be able to do so without this – relying on manual processes will not allow for such rapid growth.

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