creating a direct line to your clients with one business process system

How We Work

Agile Environment

At Exclr8, we believe that effective communication between all stakeholders is fundamental to delivering business value to our clients. For this reason, we have adopted a combination of principles and practices from Agile methods such as SCRUM, Kanban and Extreme Programming.

By adopting the Agile methodology, we are able to accommodate changing requirements throughout the development process. In fact, our development process actually encourages and welcomes change. At Exclr8 we aim to involve the client during every step of the development process in order to get feedback as early and as frequently as possible.

The Sprint

We work in iterative cycles called sprints, these sprints are typically one week in duration. At the start of the sprint, the development team selects features from the top of the backlog. The team then breaks the feature down into smaller tasks.
Each day begins with a 15-minute stand-up meeting during which the team discusses the progress of the current weeks sprint.

On the last day of the sprint the development team will demonstrate the completed features to the product owner. The end of the sprint week is closed off by means of a retrospective. The purpose of this is to identify process improvements which can be implemented during the next sprint. In this way we are continuously adapting and improving our development process.

Project Initiation

  • Investigate solution domain and gather information
  • Propose solution
  • Educate client with regards to how we work
  • Define and allocate roles
  • JIRA


  • High level architecture is defined
  • Initial features are added to the backlog


  • Iterative cycles called sprints
  • Features are delivered during each sprint
  • Maintenance
  • Adding new features
  • Optimisations

The Product Owner

This person plays an instrumental role as it is the product owner who is ultimately responsible for the success of the project. This person typically has in-depth knowledge as to why the solution is required and what business value the solution aims to bring to the client’s organisation. We believe that having a product owner is pivotal to the success of the project. This role is typically assigned to an individual within the client organisation.

The Developers

These are the guys and girls who perform the magic. This hard working and dedicated team are the nuts and bolts of the organization. For us the single most important requirement for a developer to be part of the Exclr8 team is passion.

The Scrum Master

The scrum master is responsible for ensuring that the development team performs to the very best of their abilities. They do this by removing impediments as quickly as possible, organizing and facilitating meetings, and working closely with the product owner to ensure the correct tasks are defined and prioritized for the next sprint.

The Software Architect

This person is responsible for driving the high-level technical architecture and ensuring that all the individual pieces fit together seamlessly.

The Backlog

The backlog is a list of features which have been defined and prioritized by the product owner. The backlog is constantly being maintained during the development process.