The 18th of July marks a special day in the South Africa calendar, that of Nelson Mandela Day. The tradition is that for 67 minutes on this day all South Africans will do something that aids in making our country and the world as a whole a better place. Traditionally hundreds of thousands of people on this day partake in various charitable acts to help those in need.

To commemorate Mandela Day 2013 the ladies at Exclr8, braced the cold and wind and headed down to Lagoon Beach in Cape Town to assist SANCOB with a beach clean-up. Each year thousands of marine life is lost due to the injection of plastic laid strewn on our beaches and washed into our seas. As birds are unable to digest the plastic it sits in their stomachs and blocks digestion which results sadly in starvation.

For more information on what SANCCOB does or how you can support them please refer to their site linked below.